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Creative Production Services

Discript prepare your manuscripts for publication.

Our services include editing, proof reading, copywriting, typography, design and layout.

We create original artwork for all formats, including online.

Print Management Services

Discript select, advise on and source the best print project solutions for your publication.


Japanese: If you have a home full of books that you'll never get around to reading, this describes you! The tsun originates from tsumu, meaning 'to pile up' whilst doku means 'reading'.

Fishbourne Literary Festival

Discript are proud to have been involved in the Fishbourne Literary Festival in March 2018. This was our first year as participants and we were delighted to invite novelists Margaret Drabble, Isabel Ashdown, Béatrice Crawford, Peter Lantos and Adam Mars-Jones to speak at the event.

Visit our Fishbourne Literary Festival page for author biographies and more details of the day.


photo of book Stolen Lives by Peter Lantos

Peter Lantos,
Stolen Lives (2018)

In 2006, Discript edited a memoir by Peter Lantos, Parallel Lines. We recommended it to a London publisher who brought it out to international acclaim. Parallel Lines has been reprinted four times and translated into Hungarian, Italian and German.

Working closely with the author on these new plays in the editorial and design process, as with his earlier memoir, we helped Lantos to realise his dramatic exploration of cultural and political themes in Hungary and Europe generally. We sourced high-quality digital printing for this volume, published by Regent Books, to help him promote his plays with theatrical producers. Visit Amazon to buy this book.

photo of book They Came, They Saw, They Conquered by Robert Sénécal

Robert Sénécal,
They Came They Saw They Were Conquered (2018)

A unique book about ‘Rome as seen by British artists, writers and travellers over five centuries’ consisting of 220,000 words and 112 images of vintage postcards and etchings, this book was edited and designed by Discript working closely with the author over a ten-year period.

Producing this quarter casebound edition of 352 colour pages, we realised the lifetime achievement of the author and publisher to create a handsome coffee-table book for art historians and Italophiles. Visit Amazon to buy this book.

photo of book The International Tax Planning Green Book 2018

International Tax Planning Association Green Book (2018)

This directory of members and the services they provide includes names, addresses, phone, web and email contact information. It is supplied to us as a spreadsheet which we convert to a database application. We use this to sort the data, generating text categorised by service provision. We then lay out the text using style sheet designs to ensure consistency across the book, and supply these as InDesign files to the printers.

Year after year this client relies on us to process the data and produce the content that is used in the print and online editions accurately and efficiently.

photo of book Rory's Boys by Alan Clark

Alan Clark,
Rory’s Boys (2011)

The author sent us his manuscript as a Word file. We copy-edited it then recommended it to a publisher, Arcadia Books Ltd., who read the edited Word file and decided to publish it. Discript designed the book cover and found an economical lithographic printer. The book has received favourable reviews and sold well.

photo of book Mrs Trewhella's War by Jane Manley

Jane Manley,
Mrs Trewhella’s War (2014)

The personal diary of a British expatriate trapped in France during the war who was interned with her husband in a German camp. The editor transcribed the diaries as a Word file and supplied images of paintings by one of the internees. Discript copy-edited the text, scanned the images and designed the typography and cover of the paperback volume. We produced a relatively short digital print-run and found a publisher to distribute it for our client.

photo of book Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore - Visitor's Book

Robert Sénécal (ed.),
Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore - Visitors’ book from 13 October 1870 to 12 May 1890 (November 2016)

The editor asked Discript to reproduce photographic images of pages of a visitor’s book in an Italian monastery, and design a four-colour cover. This is a book mainly of interest to historians, art historians and academics, so we produced a relatively small print run. Visit Amazon to buy this book.